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New year, new position.

After some reflection last year I realized in order to focus more on my passion for community development, I needed to find a position that strongly aligns with that part of my career. I made the difficult decision to leave my position as “Internet Marketing and Nonprofit Strategist” at Bicycle Theory. While leaving a good job with a great company sounds irresponsible, especially in this economy, it was the right thing to do. West Bank Business Association Logo

Soon after I met with the board at the West Bank Business Association. As their current Executive Director was leaving for another field, they were in search of a new director. I had a few preliminary meetingsĀ  with the board and exiting director in December, and I started office hours this week! So far – so good. I delivered a strategic plan for the year to the board on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to implementing it and helping the organization grow. It’s been really nice – relieving even – to start off the year knowing I’ll be spending all of my upcoming time serving the community.

The position is “almost full time.” That means I’ll still be able to serve the Northeast CDC in the part-time capacity I have been, and will be in-office there on Fridays instead of Saturdays. So with this job switch I’m also reclaiming my weekend. Win!

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