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Jamie’s work with Altered Esthetics is absolutely fantastic. The growth this small organization has experienced in its years of existence is monumental, and all due to her immense hard work and incredibly meticulous record-keeping abilities. Jamie is one of the most hard working people I have encountered, and she is also a very personable and charismatic leader. Altered Esthetics is entirely volunteer-run, and we are never short of enthusiastic people that are drawn to the space and want to donate their time. I believe this is due to the rapport she builds with everyone she meets. She has created a very special organization with Altered Esthetics, and I would recommend her without hesitation for any project or endeavor.

Noelle Bakken
Bakken Photography

I’ve had the privilege of working with Jamie on many community-related projects, as well as having her work with me at Bicycle Theory. In all cases, I continue to be impressed and inspired by her. She knows more about non-profit organizations than anybody else I know. Her commitment to making the place she lives and works better for everybody is beyond repute. And her ability to leverage and use technology to grow and strengthen a brand is almost second nature. She is an incredibly talented individual and a tremendous asset to those she serves.

Ben McCoy
Bicycle Theory

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