It’s Never Going To Work shines a light on the Northeast Arts community, nonprofits, and Altered Esthetics gallery.

Jamie Schumacher tells the origins of Altered Esthetics gallery, founded in 2004, and its role in the Twin Cities art scene. Using her true stories of founding a collaborative art space as a light-hearted yet realistic memoir, the book is a source of hope to anyone struggling in the world of grassroots development.

An easily digestible read, the energetic vignette-style chapters are sprinkled with illustrations by Minneapolis-based artist Athena Currier. Jamie shares the struggles of starting a new nonprofit, finding the ever-elusive sustainability, and the planned transition that allowed her to walk away and leave a healthy non-profit to continue its role in the community. It’s as much a love letter to Minneapolis as it is a note of encouragement to anyone that’s ever been told It’s Never Going To Work.

“This is Executive Director happy hour in a book. For those who have pursued a labor of love - making art, starting a small business, running a nonprofit, building community - we have a confidante in Jamie. It's fun to commiserate - and celebrate - with a kindred spirit and visionary nonprofit leader who has been there and come out the other side. As a nonprofit leader I am inspired by Jamie's tips and true confessions, exemplified by her comeback to a doubter: 'I never said it would be easy. But it could be fun, and beautiful.”

- Allison Sharkey, Executive Director, Lake Street Council

I absolutely love the vignettes! It makes for an easy, fun, and engaging read.
— Julie Cohen, Engagement & Advancement Director - Pollen Midwest.
Jamie Schumacher’s personable and witty storytelling makes you feel like you’re right next to her in a coffee shop – sharing, laughing, and learning about the joy and challenges of the nonprofit arts world.
— Alejandra Pelinka,  Director of Creative Placemaking - City of Bloomington

“Jamie Schumacher's It's Never Going to Work is a treat of a book - wry, personal, and funny, with a practical eye to sharing her growth and experiences. As a snapshot of a creative endeavor it's a welcome reminder that our organizations and institutions are made up of people, that art comes from artists, and that even as things change, relationships can last. It's Never Going to Work does just that – work – because it embraces our messy, contradictory, creative impulses, and with a little luck and a lot of effort, lets the humanity shine through.”

- Carl Atiya Swanson - Associate Director, Springboard for the Arts

Jamie’s writing paints a picture of a tightrope we all walk. Her lessons will help you balance, and maybe get you off the tightrope into the full joy of community & family. This will be my go to grad gift!
— Joyce Wisdom - Executive Director and Community Activist

“Jamie Schumacher paints a beautiful picture of Minnesota and the reasons why she chose to move there from California. As you read the stories of her journey, you are sure to be captivated, entertained, and to learn something useful about the arts and nonprofit worlds.”

- Summer Scharringhausen - Community Organizer and Arts Administrator