Flatter, Happier, More Productive

When you hear the term “shared leadership,” what’s your reaction?

Does the term “hierarchy” give you pause?

What about the term “cooperative?”

In global economy that is rapidly evolving, in a nonprofit sector where community needs are rapidly changing, we need organizations that can innovate quickly and adapt easily to meet the needs of its stakeholders. Shared-power organizations have demonstrated to be great models for adaptation and flexibility. I wrote a feature article on this topic for Pollen on shared-power organizations leading up to one of their acclaimed #LikeABoss events. 


I am a Tapestry

My personal piece on self-identity was featured on the cover of the Minnesota Women's Press.  


National Midwifery Week - a Q&A with Jamie Schumacher

"It’s National Midwifery Week. To highlight the work of a midwife, we talked with our moms who recently gave birth. Here, they share their experience in their own words."