Atheists - the most discriminated against minority

A recent post on the rationalist blog discusses the fact that "the minority that suffers the highest level of open discrimination is atheists." The article can be found on the Rationalists Blog I think this, like discrimination against any race, gender, or persuasion, is inexcusable. It's for this reason (and many others) I want to be more transparent about my own agnosticism/humanism, the path that led me to it. The internet has become a haven for atheist thoughts and discussions. I think if we had more communities IRL, the results could be incredible. I think the atheist and agnostic communities haven't done enough with nurturing positive perceptions. The loudest atheists (though intelligent) are often the most abrasive and alienating. Many agnostics and atheists aren't looking to wage intellectual wars or battles. Like myself, we simply want a community in which to feel accepted, a positive environment to share with our friends and families. (Even and especially if we've been ostracized from our own as a result of our religion, or lack thereof.)