On Wednesday I graduated, yesterday we barbequed and today we planted a tree.

What a busy few weeks it has been! (even more than normal, that is.) The Ae Fundraiser was last Friday (April 30th) and it went really well. I'm still humbled and amazed by the amount of people we have that come out to support us. Even though some little things went kooky behind the scenes, the event was an overwhelming success in so many ways.

Things didn't really slow down after that, because my thesis had to be wrapped up and presented the following week. (last week) Though the final project class was good and I refined my thesis paper considerably, the best part of the class without question was the people that were in it. Such an amazingly diverse group of people and projects, most of whom I never would have met otherwise.

Friday night was the F.R.E.S.H. opening, another A-listed event at Ae. Does it make me a nerd or any less professional if I still get super excited when our shows get good press? (Because I do.) The Rogue Citizen's group did a live painting during the course of the opening and it looks super awesome. A time-lapse video of it will be available shortly and I'll post it.

We went to the park on Saturday for a barbeque. There were many tiny little green worms; we think they were falling from the trees. I rescued a few of them from a fiery death, this little guy included:

We were originally going to go the cabin this weekend, but we heard the weather was going to be very chilly - possibly even snowy. We also remembered we had a tree to pick up from the City of Minneapolis, thanks to TreeTrust. Woo!

So... we planted the tree early this morning. Well, Nick did most of the planting, with a little help from Cooper.

Yay, our family. (Sans the KeyKey).

Just under four years ago Nick and I planted a little spruce we were gifted. It has grown quite a bit! (If you're looking for scale - check the little black diamonds on the grate around the tree.)

My laundry is completely put away for the first time in over a month. Dishes have been washed AND put away (not just stacks of dishes sitting in the drainer.) The house has been vacuumed, mopped, and the windows are open to let in the lovely breeze outside. There is spaghetti sauce in the fridge and if only California were next door to Minnesota, it'd be a completely perfect Sunday.