Is it November already?

Since we returned from Tacoma things have been moving at an increasingly rapid pace.  I should be hitting the books pretty hard right now but I thought it would be fun to just take a moment and reflect on the past few weeks... and also to start downloading the images I've been taking with my google phone (woohoo!)... There will be time for more studying tonight. Plus, I'm proud of everything we've done in the past few weeks at the gallery and want to post a few pics! So here goes: Friday October 24th, we had a closing reception for the Tales from the Black Lodge show featuring Mouth Babies. (yes, that's their name.)

Tales Closing Reception

Sometimes the gallery is definitely more play than work. :)


I juggled a few meetings around so we could attend a Wild game with Nick's cousins. I like spending time with family, but I'm starting to think hockey just isn't my game. (This was my second hockey game, ever...)

The Wild


At work on Halloween we took the afternoon off to carve pumpkins together. We also watched Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Shaun of the Dead. Guess which pumpkin is mine?

Work Pumpkins


Halloween at home was pretty mellow. Nick had a guitar he wanted to try and I had a paper to write, so we stayed home, watched another movie (Wallace and Gromit) and carved pumpkins.

Now there's really no guessing which one is mine!



In between working at Bicycle Theory and writing papers, things have been very busy at Ae. We were getting ready for the fastest turnaround in our wee history. Saturday morning Nov 1st, we took down the Black Lodge show (one of our largest shows ever) and hung the Día De Los Muertos exhibit and celebration. The festivities took place on Sunday, culminating with a candlelight procession around Logan Park.

We took down the show on Sunday night, and on Monday we began hanging the 3rd installment of our biennial video game art show, Level_13.

--- Tuesday was of course the election. After voting, work, and class - we got to see Bob Dylan play at the University!

Bob Dylan

The show was incredible and it made for a pretty incredible election night experience as well.  Many folks were on their various cell phones/iPhones/etc throughout the night, and about halfway through the set a murmur started to filter through the crowd "they're calling it for Obama, they're calling it for Obama." Dylan and the band stepped off stage before the encore and when the returned, Bob Dylan said "looks like things are gonna be changing" and the crowd pretty much freaked out.  After he was done, everybody gave him a standing ovation... and shortly afterward the crowd was chanting "Obama! Obama!" As we were seated on the balcony, we chatted waited for the masses to disperse rather than struggle with the crowds. Once we finally emerged, we saw a scene outside the auditorium... A drum circle surrounded by hundreds of people, girls running around shrieking "OBAMA! OBAMA!" like it was a greco-roman festival.


Somebody got a pretty good video from the center of the crowd: YouTube.

We went to Stub and Herb's to get some food and watch the election speech, returning home after that.


Last but not least: on Wednesday, a bat flew into the office. He was super cute and wanted to stay, but the boys moved him outside. (and were able to do so thanks to Jeremy's awesome ninja bat catching skillz.)

This is the best picture I could get:


Friday night was the Level_13 opening... and I'll post some pictures of that later. Meanwhile, time to study... I just got scolded.