Dreams and updates

I had another "my brain is processing something" dream last night. I was walking around my house. (You know, typical dream house - not my current house but some strange simulacra of it.)

Somebody had recently given me a desk, an old vintage desk I had always wanted. I was convinced there was a place for it. As I walked around the house it became clear there was really no easy place to put it, that I had to make room for it. The room I thought it would fit didn't really fit after all and I had to crouch and wiggle just to get there.  I knew I had to find another place in the house for it to fit properly, and as I walked away from the room to figure out where I could make space I woke up.

A few things that stand out to me: The well of the desk was empty, and I wanted to fill it with things. The desk was a gift. I wanted to find room for it. The desk was wrapped in plastic.

I haven't updated my blog in awhile. The past few months have been very chaotic, but in a good way. I wrapped up a very intense semester and came out alive on the other end. (Though slightly like play-doh through the fun factory. The same substance, my form differently squished and mushy, my colors a bit askew.)

Nick went on his first tour. The experience was awesome - challenging but incredibly good for us. I got to meet him in L.A. and also spend a few days with my mom for mother's day, I'll write a post about that separately later. I feel like I fell in love with my best friend all over again, which is fantastic for us... but I'm a bit sad that he will be leaving again soon.

Work is going well, and I'm currently in the process of making some decisions there. I think some of the anxiety about those decisions is manifesting itself in various ways, including the dream I mentioned above. I had my 1-year review on Friday... crazy to think that I've been there for a whole year now. Time flies.

School as a whole is going well. I'm enjoying my classes, even though they are challenging. (Perhaps I'm enjoying my classes because they are challenging!) At this point, I'm contemplating moving on after this program to finish my PhD. It is something I really want to do, but finances are definitely a part of the overall equation I have to consider. I started my summer class immediately after the spring semester was over - no break at all, who set that schedule up?

The gallery is going well. The next few months I'll be putting in quite a bit of time training new board members and moving the organization forward, which has so far been a very exciting and rewarding process (again, even though and perhaps because of the challenge.) I am grateful to be working with such awesome people.

That's pretty much it for now. :)