Forgotten Road Trip Part I

Over the past week I have been watching the Ken Burn's National Parks documentary series. I highly recommend it. It's an excellent blend of beautiful imagery and history, and was simultaneously inspirational and humbling. After finishing an episode today and going through my own photos, I realized that I never finished blogging about my trip to Glacier last summer. Without further delay... here is a series of gratuitous picture filled posts from our not-so-recent adventure.

Our first destination was Glendive, Montana.

On the way to Glendive we stopped by the Painted Canyon in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I remember feeling like I was standing in an exhibit... it was hard to believe beauty could exist in such seemingly endless expanse. (Clearly I had no real idea of what awaited me in Glacier.)

We camped for an evening in Glendive.

Nick is braver than I. He also has better hiking shoes.

We watched the sun set... the beauty of the landscape shifting around us, even as everything stood hot and still.


When I was younger I didn't go camping much, perhaps only one or two trips... but I remember in high school, upon first discovering colored pastels, I would take them and dutifully duplicate the landscapes in my mother's National Parks of America book. Not a huge surprise that they still leave me with the same captivating inspiration.