best. weekend. ever.

Taking a break from hierarchy to bring you this update: Best. Weekend. Ever. :)

Friday night we had a date night planned - I was going to take Nick out for sushi as part of his B-day present. Before we left, he said we had to go outside because had something to show me. ("Oh no, what did the dogs eat now?" I worried.)

But that's not what he had to show me at all.

By the little tree we planted together a few years ago, Nick proposed.


After hemming and hawing for a few hours, I said yes. Mostly because our sushi reservation time was nigh. ;)

The rest of the weekend was less momentous, but continually awesome.

Saturday we had an awesome board meeting at the gallery, and when Nick got off of work we went up to the cabin for the rest of the weekend.

Awesomeness ensued.

Bald eagle.

Cute beasties.

Happy fun lake time.

Ready, aim, FIRE!

As the dogs were running around the yard, we stumbled upon a tiny little bird almost dead. No sign of his parents and only a damaged nest nearby, we thought he wasn't going to make it. I took him into the garage, made him a little warm nest, and fed him a little bit of the recommended food.

Here he is, in all his cuteness. Nick thinks he kind of looks like a grumpy old man, and I agree.

By the next morning he was doing incredibly well!


To get him the proper care until he is able to be released back into da wild, I then took him to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville. They said he was doing really well and would probably be just fine. Woooo! Birdy success!

I had an early morning meeting, but since Monday is Nick's day off, we went out to lunch a little later. The Northeast Social Club is now open earlier, and we decided to finally give it a try. Super fantastic food, and apparently magical dining experiences too. While we were sitting outside along the flowerpots, this little guy decided to pay us a visit.

I thought he came to say hi, but maybe he just likes guacamole.

This concludes my summary of the Best Weekend Ever. I'll be back to posting about heterarchies and hierarchies soon, I promise. (I know you're all glued to your seats, right? hehehe.)

::HUGS:: to all!