Lutefisk, Lutefisk, Lutefisk, SUSHI!

Taking yet another break from NP management to bring you this super awesome blog post.

Once again I had the opportunity to work with the good folks from the International Cartoonist Conspiracy and Big Time Attic for Altered Esthetics' Annual Comic Art exhibit.

This show (in terms of both process and product) fuels my faith in the collaborative creative process. There were about 15 people on the planning and curatorial committees (all volunteers) and more than 50 artists that contributed to the show itself. Was it chaos? Maybe a little at times, but far less than you'd think with a planning committee that large. Mostly it was just fun and inspiring, and the final results were fantastic. The gallery exhibit itself has over 100 original works of art. The Bento Box full of mini comics is killer. The show made the City Pages A-List. I could gush on and on.

All of us did this while working our other full time jobs, and not one single person was crushed with work or overwhelmed. That's SO huge! If you would have told me that four years ago, I may not have believed it was possible!

I hope a lot of my friends and family join us for the reception tonight, or come see the show some time in August. Not only is it an exceptional show in its own right, but it's also a huge testament to the growth of Altered Esthetics and our role in the arts community. It's also a fantastic example of the excellence and creativity of Minnesota cartoonists.

Even though I woke up at five am today, I'm buzzing with energy and excitement. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this.