Happy to be thanksfulgivingness - photos that make me smile.

In honor of thanksgiving, here's a few personal photos that always make me smile and remind me of a few of the many things I have to be grateful for. Adorable beasties,

three beautiful and talented (yet fun and goofy) nieces,

chickens with feathery feet,

a wonderful fiance who has spent a lifetime being kickass,

Ae friends that always make me laugh,

a great job with the BEST coworkers,

fantastic friends, rock band, and costumes,

aaaand last but certainly not least... an amazing / amazingly hysterical family -

that I get to see in LESS THAN ONE MONTH!

Happy Turkey-or-not-to-to-Turkey day, everybody!!! :)

Do you have any goofy or wonderful pictures you can't see without cracking a smile? I'd love to see them! Share some in the comments below.