What's your obsession?

The next post in my dream-making series is going to be about "things to do before you launch." I know that the path from point A to point B varies from idea to idea - what's the right path for a restaurant might not be the right path for  a rock band. I have a variety of obsessions beyond lists and planning, and blogging is among them. Right now I maintain four blogs of my own (Strong Boards, The Humanist Experience, our Wedding Blog, and this one right here), have one in the works (TBA), and I write for two other blogs as well. (The Cud and Altered Esthetics.) Blogging might seem less traditionally creative than say, painting or sculpting - but I love the art of putting together arguably interesting, helpful or entertaining content and sharing it with the world. Since I've been done with school my energy for writing is coming back quite a bit, and it's manifested itself in this way.

All work and no play makes homer something something... so I'm curious... what's your obsession, hobby, or passion?