Winter project: the bathroom

Whoever flipped the house before we bought it painted the entire house beige - inside and out. I was going to wait until all of the construction was done before painting but after several years of home ownership (or as our friend Peter calls it - home-moanership) I realized the construction is never truly done. Like - Ever. So, I'm skipping ahead to the fun part nad adding color to the house bit by bit. I'm on the computer a lot... at home, at work, at the gallery.... So, I'm trying to do some more active things this winter in general. (Writing this blog post is obviously not one of them.) While playing Rock Band is super duper awesome, it's nice to have productive projects for around the house too.

Well, even tinier than our tiny kitchen is our tiny tiny bathroom. It's tiny. So tiny I can't even take a full picture of it. I decided painting the bathroom would be a relatively simple project to get me in "home improvement" mode.

It's really easy for projects to spiral out of control, but we kept this one pretty honed in with only a few "outside the scope" additions. As I was prepping the bathroom for painting we realized the mirror was hiding a ginormous hole in the wall. We like to think gangsters at one point hid stashes of money there.

For people that don't really use a lot of product, we certainly have a lot of... well, products. (Most of it's my for my allergies. ::ACHOO!::)

There isn't even really enough room to have a normal size ladder open without it being kinda bendy. So - painting on a small ladder in a bathtub is safe, right?

Because we had to wait for things like work, paint drying and me not being randomly unmotivated, the project took about a week and a half from true start to finish. Part of what took a long time is I taped off the wood panel on the bottom half of the bathroom and toggled between flat white and gloss white. You can totally tell right? It's subtle. I swear it looks very nice and noticeable in person. It was definitely, definitely worth the extra time and effort. ::cough.::

What was worth the effort was throwing away a bunch of crap that had piled up on the shelves and tucking the rest neatly behind the mirror into the nice new medicine cabinet. :)

Hooray, it's done. Yay for clean bathrooms and small winter victories.