Embarrassing photos of me from my past #1

I wrote three grants last week. As a result, no much more writey lots can I. Instead, I decided start a new series. Welcome! It's not terribly complicated, in this series all I'll be doing is making fun of myself. I have no idea if it's therapeutic, I just find some of these old pictures amusing. And besides, if I ever go into politics ya'll can say you saw those ridiculous pictures here on my blog first.

The first picture in this series doesn't appear too ridiculous at first glance. (Um, right?) but if you'll journey with me into the depths of this dark and scary jungle, you'll see why this picture is ridiculous and one reason/proof (I hope) we can write off bad fashion decisions to the ignorance of youth.

Young J-me

1). Here you see the young J-me species in her native habitat the "Knott's Berry Farm." This photo was taken in the "Camp Snoopy" region. Notice the rocky terrain and native landscape. Also - I was about 18 years old. Sooo... somethingsomething years ago.

2). I'm wearing cat ears. I used to wear cat ears ALL THE TIME.

3). I thought my necklace looked cooler as a leash instead of a chain. I wonder what impression I thought I was giving people? If you answered "some sort of submissive thing" then BZZZ! You're wrong. The correct answer is: I did not think about the impression I was giving people. Nope, not at all.

4) Is it just me or are we standing VERY awkwardly? It's a good thing we have no prom pictures to speak of. Could you imagine?

5) Yep! That is most definitely rope that I'm using to hold up my

6) giant raver pants. At least they weren't furry, right?

7) It's hard to see them here, but these are my giant Rocket Dog shoes. They had a big puffy toe and the canvas was camouflage. I probably shouldn't make too much fun of these shoes because if they still made them, I'd probably still wear them.

8 ) I don't think either of us were actually that tall.

9) This is my high school boyfriend Geoff. He was a few years older than me. Yep! I won't say much more about that except for - this is the period where he finally cut his hair and also dyed it red. Can you tell? I can barely tell. But we are wearing almost-matching maroon shirts. (We totally got the moron memo. I mean, the maroon memo. Yes.)

10) Pumpkins! Nothing really to make fun of there. I just absolutely love pumpkins.

Well, there you have it. Anything I'm missing? Feel free to chime in, I'm tough.

What's hilarious is that it's going to be just as easy to make fun of myself in another 15 years. Legwarmers? Ugg boots? Egad. Maybe this series wasn't such a great idea after all.