Animal Prints are Cute - Part 1

This post qualifies as both a winter and a spring walk: though it's technically spring, it was snowing up north this weekend. (Yep! and we willingly drove into it.) The next few posts in this series will confirm my suspicions that: 1) Minnesota is AWESOME and 2) animals are also awesome, and even their footprints are cute.

Our recent weekend trip also re-affirms my belief that Northern Minnesota is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

See? cuuuuute. The web prints continue for about a foot and the disappear, as if the seagull said "Screw this snow business, my webs are cold" then took off.

The feel of a light snow falling against my cheeks while the waves crashed along the shore was such an amazing experience.

Lutsen, Minnesota = breathtakingly beautiful. More to come.