I saved a caterpillar and won a safari



Tonight I went to Lemon's Laptop Safari at the Nicollet, and it was super fun. During the last round I looked up and saw a super cute fuzzy caterpillar moving hastily across the table.

There was a two drink minimum and he didn't have any cash, so I had to escort him outside.

I took him a nearby tree, where he hastily climbed to the leafy top. Hard to take a photo, that little guy was moving fast!

Goodbye, little friend!

I came back inside, finished up the round, and wound up winning the first installment of Lemon's Laptop Safari.

I am an internet rock star.

(That means something to somebody somewhere, right?)

Next round of Laptop Safari is Monday June 13th, 6:00pm. I was only joking about the two drink minimum, it's free.