Beautiful country... a little time in West Sussex

I'm very, very lucky to have family seemingly everywhere in the world, and England is no exception.

Nick and I left London one morning and took a beautiful train ride down to West Sussex, where my aunt and uncle live. I remember the Circle Line was delayed several times on our way to the connection - such that we literally ran to catch our train, very nearly missing it!

We arrived in Sussex around eleven and walked from the station to my Aunt and Uncle's house. It still makes me happy that we could use public transportation and/or walk pretty much anywhere in the country we wanted to go.

I have been to my family's house once before, when I was about nine years old. I have such great memories of playing games and spending time with my cousin Susan. Of all my many cousins, Susan is the closest in age to me. Figures that one of my favorite family playmates growing up would live halfway across the world!

We had tea (of course) with my aunt and uncle and a really nice chat, after which, my uncle took us for a drive in the country.

We drove to the Downs, a beautiful area with windmills, sheep, and a lovely view of the country.


My husband and my uncle, contemplating the nature of all things...

Sheep says "Hiiiii!"

So cute.

We went back to the house and had a really lovely lunch, spending a little bit more time with my family before heading back to London.

My Uncle Ian, Aunt Juney, Me, and Nick.