Gettin' my music nerd on at the Craig Finn in-studio.

I know it's the hip thing to grumble about The Current these days... but I must admit, it's still one of my favorite radio stations and I think we're pretty lucky to have something like it in the Twin Cities. In addition to the regular programming I think Teenage Kicks is awesome, and I haven't looked forward to a radio show since Richard Blade's Flashback Weekend. (I didn't grow up around here, remember?) When I was invited to go to an In-Studio last weekend for Craig Finn, I excitedly accepted.

If you've never heard an in-studio performance before, you should know that it's often as much storytelling as it is show. In between songs the host (in this case, Mary Lucia) talks to the artist about the album and the album's production. In this case, it was really interesting to hear more about the production of the album, as well as Craig Finn's writing process on it.

While talking to some friends about the experience after the fact, I commented on how I felt very comfortable at the studio. Not that I'm such a super cool person it wasn't a big deal, but just... the presence of the studio was very warm and inviting. I ran into a few friends and anytime I get hugs is a pretty awesome bonus, so that might be part of it. But mostly what I think it is: I go to gallery openings and shows often. While the arts community here is pretty awesome, there is still this air of impression around arts related events, and live music shows too. At the in-studio, I just felt like I was surrounded by a bunch of music nerds that love music. No layers, no pretense, just people who love the music they were there to see. There was something really comforting and wonderful about that.

Ricky Ray Jackson of Austin, TX. Ahhhhh Austin.

If you've noticed a big difference lyrically and musically between this album and other Craig Finn related projects, the interview portion talks about that process a little.


My friend Kevin came with me. While I snapped a few photos he sketched a few drawings. You can check them all out on his blog at:

I had a really good time and would go again in a heartbeat. (Thanks again, Jorge!!!)

The full show will be on tonight and if you've ever been a Craig Finn, Lifter Puller or Hold Steady fan, I think it will be a fun listen. You can check out the Live Stream on the Current or if you miss it, check out their Live Studio Performances page and you'll be able to find the show there after the live show airs.

Happy listening. :)

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