The Colombo Swimming Club

We had one more day in Colombo before heading out further into the country. We spent it, as we should have, with family. My cousin's wife lives in Colombo and invited us to the Colombo Swimming Club for lunch. The club was established in 1936 during colonial-era Ceylon.

Uncle Robin - Colombo Swimming Club

My godfather. The sign behind him lists the names of all the members.

Colombo Swimming Club

The swimming club is right next to the beach, though a wall and train tracks separate the club from the ocean.

Colombo Swimming Club

While we were there they were taking down the big tent from the New Year's party. Look closely at the workers - they got up to the top of the framework with no shoes, no ladder - and were working with no net. Methinks regulations are a bit looser in Lanka than they are in the states.

Colombo Swimming Club

Me and my cousin's wife.

Colombo Swimming Club

Aw, family...

While we were taking this photo a train raced behind us - you can see that in the background instead of the water.

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