I Like Turtles! - Hikkaduwa Turtle Hatchery

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When we came back from our trip to the East Coast of Sri Lanka, we had a few days of unplanned activity in Colombo. After doing a little internet research, my mother and I planned a day trip to Galle Fort. On our way we had a few awesome stops -including the Hikkaduwa Turtle Hatchery.


This cutie was guarding the hatchery as we arrived.

We were led around the hatchery - shown all the stages of turtle life.

Hikkaduwa - Turtles!

They hatch baby turtles in the protection of the sanctuary, releasing them later into the ocean. This little guy is only 1-2 days old.

Hikkaduwa - Mom & Turtle!

Mom with a baby turtle.

Apparently, because there are so many predators for the eggs, turtles born in the hatchery and released later have a much, much higher chance of survival. Over the years, the hatchery has helped replenish the dwindling turtle population.

Hikkaduwa - Turtles!

Adolescent turtles...

Hikkaduwa - Turtles!

The turtle hatchery is also an orphanage and eduction facility. They give a permanent home to turtles with deformities or abnormalities that wouldn't otherwise survive in the wild.

Hikkaduwa - Turtles!

An albino turtle named "M.J."

Hikkaduwa - Turtles!

This turtle is blind - and his name is Stevie.

Hikkaduwa - Turtles!

This little turtle has deformities on his front two appendages. He reminded me of our dog, Cooper, who is missing his back left leg.

Hikkaduwa - Turtles!

Turtle skeleton!

We left the turtle hatchery in good spirits. Our next stop: the Ariyapala Masks Museum!


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