I miss my family. (An evening at the Dutch Burgher Union)

I took a break last week for Memorial Day.  Suffice to say there has been a lot going on, and I must say that a day with a little more outdoor time and a less computer time was *really* nice. I'm back now and will be continuing the trip updates weekly once more.

Back in Colombo, it was time again for visiting family. We were all invited to a dance at the Dutch Burgher Union of Ceylon.


So we dressed up and away to the dance we went.

Dutch Burgher Union Sign

The Dutch Burgher Union was established in 1908 to help support the education and well-being of the Dutch Burgher community.

Dutch Burgher's Union

Still active, the Union hall has become a place for the community to gather and celebrate.

DBU Dance Hall

Oh, and did I mention before that Sri Lankans love to dance? :) We do.


Everybody danced and ate and danced a little more. But mostly, it was so nice to be surrounded by family. I split a Lion Stout with my godfather and it was one of the happiest beers I've ever shared.

Aunt and Uncle

It feels like years, not months, that I've seen my family. Sometimes Minnesota really is too far away.


My godfather and his new wife.


Not that I don't love my uncles and all - but I miss my dad especially right now.


One of the best parts about visiting the Dutch Burgher Union was the discovery of an Art Gallery in the facility - and a list of featured artists that have shown there over the years.

DBU Art Connection

Apparently the idea that art is integral to a community's well being is not a new concept. At least, not for Dutch Burghers. :)

Ginger Beer

When I took this photo I questioned myself - but my instinct said "shut up. You'll thank me later." Sure enough, I'm so glad this photo exists.

I could really go for a ginger beer right about now...

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