Saturday afternoon Aloe festivities

I'm trying to keep myself busy since clearly I'm not having a baby at the moment. Last year we had a ton of aloe pups/babies - mostly from our big aloe plant. I traded / gave away probably 5-10, and kept a few here for us.

I planted them into little glass pumpkins (former candle holders.)


(Aloe babies in October.)


(Aloe babies in June.)

As you can see they grew quite a bit!


Our big aloe had a lot of pups again - some ready to pull, some still too wee.


I pulled about 5 pups and it looks like there will be at least 5-6 more by the end of the year...

Here are the 5 babies and the pups from last year. I moved them into larger pots since they were outgrowing their pumpkinny homes.


Gave mom a water bath and edged the larger plants with some rocks and gravel.

The past few days have been so humid - but today was relatively cool and breezy so I was happy to be outside getting dirty. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. :)