Strange habits and sore legs

So, sometimes after a successful event or opening I come home with the warm fuzzies, super grateful, super excited, super encouraged. Often times I'll write little thank you emails to certain board members/interns/volunteers.  Sometimes I'm super excited, other times I just say thanks... but it comes from that late-night-tired-happy place and sometimes I worry - maybe I'm TOO excited? So, this morning when I woke up at 7:30 (without an alarm, go figure) achey and sore from unloading a gazillion cases of beer and wine from my car and all the running around, I thought ohhhhhh, what did I write last night, I hope it wasn't too over the top.

And I went through my sent box and re-read the emails, it seems like everything was okay. But still... what a weird thing for me to have to check. I guess it's like my own version of drunk dialing... oh, what did I say last night? (And no, I wasn't actually drunk, unless you can get drunk off of 4 cups of orange juice.)

Last night's even at Ae was awesome.  So many people helped put it together, so many artists donated works to support the cause, so many faces came out to celebrate, all in all it was fantastic. I feel very grateful this morning.