one week as a family of five

We've had cooper for almost a week now, and he's adjusting really well. He's getting along with the other fuzzy beasties and he and Molly have taken to romping around and wrastling - which is cute but pretty loud early in the morning! Most of the time, however, they are pretty chill - much like you see here:

We're really trying to work on house-training, which is probably the most frustrating part. Frustration aside he's really doing quite well; he still pees sometimes when scared or excited, though. Sometimes I do that too, so I can't say I really blame him. ;) (jk.)

So, that's pretty much all I have on the update front. Even the Kiki has been coming around, a much quicker transition for her than when Molly first came to live with us.

Now I have three fuzzy muses. My papers this semester should be tremendous.