He's home!

We picked up Tre today at around 10:00. At first I think he was a mix of both excited and sad - he kept looking in the back window, saying goodbye to his foster parents. (Who by the way are super awesome.) We stopped by Nick's work so folks there could meet him and then brought him home. He didn't mind the ride home at all, and even slept a little in the car.

Yay, new home!

He met the Kiki first. Their meeting was brief and mostly a blur, but it went well.

Tre met Molly outside and they romped around with the Frisbee for awhile. Well, Molly romped with the Frisbee - Tre just pretty much chased after and around her.

In this picture the frisbee kind of looks like a giant tongue. Flapflap!

Tre says "Hey Nick, the grass is getting pretty tall out here. Hint, hint."

After quite a bit of running and exploring the new yard, Tre was ready to go back inside.

We went back inside and showed Tre his new kennel and doggie bed and the rest of the house.

We also decided on his new name. Cooper!

That was our morning, and now here we are. Cooper is sitting next to me on the couch, chewing on a rawhide and farting. Molly is lying on the doggie bed, also chewing on her rawhide but a bit less gassy - such a lady.

Welcome home, Cooper!

Getting another beastie...

Tomorrow we're going to pick up this handsome fellow.

Right now his name is Tre, but we might be giving him a new name...

Tre only has three legs. His leg was broken so badly when he was rescued that they had to amputate it just below the hip. He's getting along fine though and he can do anything normal puppies do like hop up stairs, run amuck, chase cats...


Even though Nick has been doing most (well... all) of the adoption work, the whole process is still bringing up much thought and feeling for me. Mela was my first dog ever and going through this process brings back memories of bringing her home and getting used to having a puppy around. She was full of life and energy, as good huskies should be. :)

It was a learning process for the Kiki too... but we both did okay.

Mela and the Kiki were BFF, until Molly joined the fuzzy family. Then everybody was BFFs.

We had to put Mela to sleep in 2006. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. Even though Nick wanted to adopt again right away I've been hesitant to bring another dog into the house. Not just because of how hard it was to loose Mela, but I've just been giving myself a little time.

Molly and the Kiki have become even closer and they both have very cuddly, chill personalities. It will be interesting to see how adding another puppy to the household will mix things up.

Tomorrow we'll become a family of five again. Wish us luck!