believe it or not... sometimes I can be a sports nerd

I can be a sports nerd sometimes... and here are a few pics to prove it! Today, I got to go to a lender's appreciation event for my new jobby job. The event was held at the new stadium, and included a tour. A super duper awesome V.I.P. tour, and I felt very super duper awesome and I.P.-y.

They didn't mention it on the tour, but the artist that designed the Twins logo passed away recently, Ray Barton. He was 80. :(

It's a packed house this afternoon!

It's too bad they had to chop down 3,000 giant redwoods before finding a cross-section that bore an uncanny likeness to Kirby Puckett. Muir Woods will never be the same... but this bar is AWESOME!

Oh yeah.

I could handle watching a game or two from here. (I won't get in the way, I promise!)

I'm up to bat next! I should probably adjust my legwarmers.


All in all it was a lovely luncheon - but I was really, really impressed with the stadium - everything they did to make it environmentally efficient and also everything they did to make it great for the guests. Bigger seats with more leg-room, 1,000 spots for bike parking, extremely easy lightrail access...on and on. They are even recycling the rainwater.

Way to go Minneapolis, for making this a a stunning project in terms of sustainability, architecture, and oh - art too.

I'm looking forward to biking to a game here soon!