It's Never Going To Work launches THIS WEEK!

Sometimes the idea of something seems so big, the odds of it happening don’t look promising.

Sometimes, you chip away at it bit by bit, and before you know it, the thing is happening. And all you can say is “holy shit. I’m here.”

My first novel launches this week.

This process has been so long in the making, and has taken so much work and collaboration, it’s hard to believe that this week has really arrived.

For the past year of this process, as I’ve pushed forward on this and other creative efforts, I’ve tried to create environments conducive to creative challenges. Clean, comfortable spaces, surrounded by art that inspires me.

Amy Rice - “Dream It. Work Hard. Own It.”

Amy Rice - “Dream It. Work Hard. Own It.”

If you don’t know Amy by now, you should! She’s an incredibly talented artist - but she’s also kind, creative, and inspiring. Her artwork is also so uniquely hers, with an unmistakeable voice to it - you know if you have an original Amy Rice work or print. I saw this work of my friend Amy Rice’s a little while ago, and it spoke to me. The message, the image, and the postmark stamp - from California, just like me.

Since bringing it home, this print has been front and center of my creative space. And as I’ve tackled big projects this year - the Night Market, large scale paintings, my first book - it encourages me. I hope that putting my story out there, sharing my struggles and joys, encourages others to follow their passions and do the same.

And now - the day is almost here!

56,351 words.

288 pages.

77 illustrations.

11 contributors.

1 book.

I hope you’ll join me to celebrate.


The release event will be held at Eat My Words Bookstore in Northeast on October 9, 2018, including a curated pop-up exhibit featuring past Altered Esthetics artists. I will be there, as will the illustrator Athena Currier. Additional book signings and events will be scheduled throughout the Twin Cities and Southern California this fall - for a list of additional signing events as they are confirmed please visit


Book Release

October 9, 2018

7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Eat My Words

214 13th Avenue NE,

Minneapolis, MN, 55413