the next two weeks...

...are going to be pretty crazy, but I'm excited. I should start by updating folks on the jobby job situation. Today officially marked the start of week 3. So far, so good! No scary information that I wasn't already aware of and I think I'm off to a good start (or at least, so it seems.) Last week I completed a realistic development plan, stakeholder analysis, project analysis, and communications plan - all of which we've started to implement. (My single staff person and I, go team!) The first official board meeting since I started is next week. I don't know what will be more intimidating - being interviewed by nine people, or meeting with my nine bosses.  (Everybody is very nice so far and I'm a pretty hard worker, so don't worry about me too much. Or at least... leave the worrying to me! ) Oh - my name was mentioned in the paper on Sunday, giving my opinion about the 807 Broadway building. Hopefully I don't come off like too much of a goofy artypants. (And if I did... oh well. I suppose I am kind of a goofy artypants.)

I'm wrapping up my thesis... in fact, just sent another draft in for final (or close to final) review. So far... I think it is looking decent. Folks that have been kind enough to proof it say it is looking good, and that I should be proud. Proud? Hrm... it was definitely a lot of work, I will say that. I'll post a final version here at some point, in case anybody is interested in reading it. I'll present it the week of May 5th... and then be... done. Done? It sounds weird to say that. What will I do? What books shall I read just for fun? What shall I write about? The opportunities are endless...

Isn't it funny how timing always kind of bunches up? Things at the gallery are ramping up too, just in time for the end of the semester. (yayyyyy.) We're planning our 6 year anniversary party, and that's taking some time for sure. (April 30th! Save the Date!) Thanks to the efforts of our Vending Machine guru Tony - Ae will also be participating in this year's Art Crawl. If it weren't for everybody else on the board doing their part and being awesome, I'd probably be in much less of a good mood. (Thanks Ae board!!!)

Our family is doing well, particularly the beasties. Cooper spent some time yesterday outside chasing a butterfly and it was pretty much the most ridiculously cute thing ever, so cute I couldn't pull myself away in time to get the camera. I'll start carrying a camera with me at all times so I can be a better annoying-dog-mom, I promise.

That's all on the update front. Also, I don't like allergies or head colds, and I'm a kleenex monster. SNARFLE.

**** an aside: if anybody knows how I can fix my page so links aren't bold, let me know. I can't seem to find in the stylesheet where to adjust that.