A goose hissed at me on Earth Day.

Today, like the good little “hippie” I am (or some people seem to think I am), I woke up extra early so I would be able to bike to my morning meeting and later to work. All in all, it was a lovely ride. It was chillier than I expected, but sunny and bright. Yay spring! I took a few odd streets, and was reminded just how much I love the houses tucked away in the Northeast neighborhoods. Even as I approached the industrial area the ride wasn’t so bad... until I got to Industrial street itself, that is. Have you gone down that street recently? Driving is hard enough - cycling is nearly impossible. Potholes big enough to swallow one of my tires, for sure. I really don’t know how any pedestrians ever get down this street. ADA-Accessible? Not so much.

I arrived at the building relatively unscathed, circled around to find bike parking (none to be had, surprise surprise) and found a fence behind the building to chain my bike to. Lo and behold, nesting in the parking lot, was this gal!

“Yay!” I thought. “A welcoming committee.”

And then she hissed at me. Seriously. Like a cat hisses. A goose hissed at me on Earth Day. Booooooooo. And no, I didn’t do anything obnoxious like try to pet or even feed the goose. All I did was lock up my bike a safe distance away. So I’m left to conclude the following:

Geese don’t like helmets.

Oh well.

Aside from getting the thumbs down from nature, the meeting was otherwise great. (And money has been portioned to fix potholes, yay!) Work has been busy but great, it’s sunny outside, I like spring, and shortly I will head to the UMN to attend a graduation reception... which will make me even more excited for mine in a few weeks, woo!

Happy Earth Day, folks. Do the world a favor and don't piss off any unsuspecting geese.