Forgotten Road Trip Part IV - Last Day at Glacier

Our last day in Glacier. We woke up early to go on one last hike, having narrowly survived a massive storm the night before. We arrived before the crowds, and hiking in the quiet of the morning was not without benefit...

Majestic ...

The morning hike was fantastic.


Nom nom.

Tell me he isn't posing.

A recent graduate of the Handsome Goat Modeling School.

Behind us: the critic emerges. He told me exactly what he thought of my early morning picture taking.


Baby noms.

The hike was well worth the view.

On our way back down. Some people even decided to go sliding.

The hills were alive with the Sound of Music...

If I look unbelievably happy, the pictures above pretty much explain why.

MacDonald River

Lake MacDonald

Existential self portrait.