Forgotten Road Trip Part V - From Montana to Washington

After Glacier, we spent a night at Finley Point in Montana. Another breathtakingly gorgeous glacial lake.

Room with a view.

We spent a few days in Missoula - which is now one of my new favorite places. (and Montana one of my new favorite states.)  After Missoula we drove on to Washington and visited the Grand Coulee Dam. We continued our drive, which took us past Banks Lake.

At the shore of Banks Lake... not naturally occurring, but still quite stunning.

We visited Leavenworth, Washington on our way to our camping destination. A neat place - reminded me of Solvang - but I think it might seem more magical in the winter.

This crazy guy was on our tent...

so I carefully moved him to the bushes before we packed up.

Tumwater camp was beautiful, but there were more mosquitos than I've ever seen anywhere else in my entire life. Seriously.

This little robin flew in while I was snapping a picture of the river, and gave me a Twin Peaks-style pose.