Forgotten Road Trip Part VI - The End, Mt Rainier

While visiting friends in Washington during the last few days of our trip, we decided to head to Mt. Rainier. It was unbelievably crowded compared to Glacier. At certain points, we weren't even able to find a space to park the car. We hiked as much as we could, but spent a little less time there than we would have otherwise. Perhaps there is something about vehicle traffic that isn't really synonymous with "quiet awe." Once we got deeper into the park, though, there were other opportunities for quiet awe.

More Carmen Stars here, too.


Elements of Mt. Rainier park reminded me of Muir Woods, and I'd love to go back there again.

We only spent a short day in Mt. Rainier, and a Stellar's Jay bid us adieu as we left.

Bid us adieu... or quickly scampered away as I tried to take a picture... not quite sure.


Well, that's it for the Forgotten Road Trip blog series. It was heavy on the pictures, less writing, but I suppose it was more of a visual trip anyway.

I'm itching to get back to Glacier, and see more of the  other National Parks I've never been to. I might get to go with my family to the Channel Islands this summer, so hopefully I'll be able to share more posts like this soon. Thanks for reading. :)