Como Conservatory

My mom came for a visit this weekend. It fell in between both of our birthdays and we also planned some wedding-related activities. It was awesome, but over wayyyy too quickly.

I took Friday off of work and we went to the Como Conservatory.

breathe in deeply... can't you just smell it? mmmmmmmmmm.

one two three awwww.

I would like to start using my SLR camera more often... but my little digital has been doing pretty well in capturing  moments, I think. Definitely more portable. :)

just gorgeous. I love the conservatory!

Mums remind me of Pati... <3

I showed this picture to our daylillies at home and said "Why can't you be more like your cousins at the Conservatory?" To which they responded... "you're not our real parents!!!" and ran upstairs crying.

and last but not least... Momma and baby duck out for a swim. What a perfect afternoon.