What the heck I've been up to lately

One of the most common questions I get these days (second only to "how's the wedding planning going?") is "where are you working these days?" The sarcastic reply "everywhere" might be too snarky, so since I can't sleep, I thought I would post something about what the heck I've been up to lately.

Northeast Community Development Corporation

I am still with the Northeast CDC, but only part time. This is a good thing; the chaos and stress of last year actually paved the way for a pretty great 2011 so far.

Among the projects I'm working on:

  • The Northeast Calendar: an artwork-filled project featuring the thirteen neighborhoods of Northeast Minneapolis
  • The Arts Action Plan: In a nutshell, sustainable housing for artists, working on the Arts District Website & Signage, and more. I've actually been involved with this committee on and off for about seven years.
  • Small Business Services: We do consultations and work for a variety of businesses. Some of my work includes: creating a website for the Logan Park Neighborhood Association, strategic planning and a website for the Northeast Farmers Market, and strategic planning for the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra.

basically... using nonprofit and technology nerdiness to help small businesses and other nonprofits in the area. Love it!

Bicycle Theory

I spend most of my weekdays at Bicycle Theory, wherest I am employed full-time. Two jobs you say? Yes, sometimes it's chaos - but student loans are no fun and I'm very grateful to be gainfully employed.

I work at Bicycle Theory as their Internet Marketing and Nonprofit Strategist. More nerdiness and using said nerdiness to be helpful. I help nonprofits like Blandin Foundation with their website taxonomy, internet marketing, etc. Lots of spreadsheets, writing, blogging, and keyword-researching.

Altered Esthetics

Another frequent question: "Are you still with Ae?"

Yep! But Ae is far, far less demanding of my time than it used to be. There are now TWENTY other people on the board with me! Though we're still operating on a tiny tiny budget, we're doing more and more with our programs: like solo exhibitions and workshops, to name a few. Ah, the power of being volunteer-driven!

Just Add Ink - Comic Cookbook

Though I'm not curating there anymore regularly, I am managing one upcoming project that I'm super, super proud of. "Just Add InkĀ " is our newest publication, and it's a "cookbook" filled with illustrated tips, recipes and stories. The committee and I have been working on this project for over a year now, and I just got the final, spiral-bound copies in my grubby little paws. The opening reception is this coming Friday, and I can't wait to celebrate the launch.

Community Arts

I try to stay involved with other community arts goings-on, too. My friend Sarah is the awesome lady behind the Minneapolis Indie Expo and I've signed on this year to help with long-term planning and sustainability. Also because it's fun, and I heart her.

I'm also sitting on the board of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association. They have a new director and are making big strides, and I'm excited to be a part of helping them with (as you might have guessed) long-term planning and sustainability.

Family Fun

So - I've been really freaking busy lately - but the funny thing is, it seems like nothing compared to graduate school, or working at a coffee shop and waking up at 5:30am every day. (Never, ever again.) I've had more time to play than I can remember having in ages. Truth be told, I would be perfectly happy with even more play time... wouldn't we all? But I get to go out with my girlfriends more frequently, Nick and I go out for "dates" often and usually for Sunday brunches too since we both share Sundays off. (There are no shortage to awesome bloody mary bars and brunchy places in the twin cities.)

Northeast Farmer's Market

In other family news: my mom came for an impromptu visit a few weeks ago - part birthday present for both of us, part wedding-related activity. It was awesome, and I wish she was still here.

Speaking of wedding - wedding planning has been, so far, completely fun. Our parents have been all but unconditionally supportive. They've had very few odd demands and suggestions... which has apparently been one of the main sources of stress for our other engaged friends. We're both very grateful we're not dealing with much family drama... though we are going to have to get back to more planning soon - since the wedding is now less than two months away! After the wedding we will be fleeing the country for three weeks, blowing off all our responsibilities so we can finally spend some long overdue time Just Us.

Work hard, play hard right?