Captain Poutypants

It has been an incredible four weeks. A beautiful, superfun wedding where not much could have been better - perhaps only the presence of a few very-missed family members, and more time with everybody there. A great weekend with my family, followed by a wonderful three weeks with my best friend and husband in some of the most beautiful places in the world. I'm grateful for all of it, but it seems like it went by so incredibly fast.

To those of you asking if I'm glad to be home, to the fewer of you who are asking if I'm excited to get back to work, I just have a simple response:

are you effing cracked? NO WAY!

It's going to be a really rough transition, going back to reality. A few of my friends have said in the past that I'm the "hardest worker they know." I do work very hard and am often busy, so I can see why you might be fooled into thinking I like work better than play.  But I don't. Who does? Who are they? What's wrong with them?

I LOVE helping my community, but hanging out with my husband on a honeymoon is way better than anything, ever. Travel is amazing, and I've been in love with that too, for a very long time now. Unlike some people (again... who are they?) after three weeks of living out of a bag I do not miss home, I just want to keep going to new places and doing new things.

Travel light, travel often - right?

I'll be updating this blog more often over the next few weeks; I've got a lot of great pictures I want to share and a few other things as well... so stay tuned. (If you can handle me as Captain Poutypants that is - at least for a little while.)