It all started in Iceland...

Though a majority of our trip would be in England and Ireland, we had a one-day layover in Iceland, and we made the most of it!

We arrived on The Island very, very early in the morning. We took a bus to Reykjavik, and immediately boarded another bus to tour some of the national parks.

To hop immediately onto a tour seems like a hectic way to travel, but it was actually the perfect way to mitigate some of our jet lag.

Sleepy as we were, it was at times pretty hard to nap. How can you take your eyes off the beauty of Iceland?

One of the stops on the tour was Gullfoss. Not quite the tourist trap Niagara Falls is, but quietly gorgeous and just as remarkable.

My handsome husband.

Something about the colors of Iceland really captivate me, especially the way they fall against a slate grey sky.

Þingvellir was my favorite stop of the day.

With barely a building around as far as the eye can see and the natural beauty of the area seeming to be perfectly preserved, it was easy to imagine yourself transported back in time.

We arrived back in town early enough to wander around a bit, near and around the Laugavegur shopping area. We stopped for beer at a few of the places Nick hung out when he was there for college. He helped me with some of my Icelandic pronunciation... though "Guinness" sounded pretty much as you'd think. : )

One day in Iceland was not nearly enough, and I look forward to going back again.

Next stop, London. Please mind the gap.