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When people ask me what my favorite part of the trip was, it's really hard to answer. Our trip to Sri Lanka was a little bit of everything: family time, new places, intense, beautiful, relaxing...

Maalu Maalu in Passekudah was definitely part of the "beautiful, relaxing" portion of the trip.

Maalu Maalu


It was our home base for three days. Three awesome days. :)

Maalu Maalu Bar


It's a boat! It's a bar! (Either way, it's awesome...)

Maalu Maalu


There was one of those "infinity pools," where the water comes right up to the edge and when you're swimming or looking from the right perspective, it creates an awesome illusion.

Photo Booth - Maalu Maalu


Everybody had a good time when we were there.  This is my Uncle Les, me and my mom - courtesy of Photo Booth. If it wasn't so bright, you could see the beach behind us.

Maalu Maalu


We went for lots of walks together along the beach... walks on the beach are such a perfect way to begin and end the day!

Maalu Maalu Surfers


While on one of my solo walks, three young surfers asked me to please take a picture of them. Since most people were getting pretty tired of me constantly snapping photos by this point, I was happy to oblige.

Mom and Dad at Maalu Maalu


On a few walks I left my normal camera in our room, and brought my phone instead. But I still felt compelled to take photos. My parents = adorable.

Maalu Maalu - Dad and Uncle


Another phone pic - Dad and Uncle.

Mom and Aunt at Maalu Maalu


On our way to the beach.

Maalu Maalu Flowers


Maalu Maalu Fishing


A fisherman in the water.

Maalu Maalu At Night


The place was just as beautiful at night as it was during the day.

Maalu at night


Maalu Maalu Family


Maalu Maalu water at night


There's something really magical and beautiful about the moon shining on the ocean...

Maalu Maalu


On our last morning I woke up extra early, trying to catch the sunrise. It was too overcast to see the sun rising... but instead I saw fisherman out in the water. I also found this guy, taking a little walk on the beach.

Maalu Maalu Beach Bum


Sometimes cows need a little R&R too.

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