Day trip to New Ulm & Schell's Brewing Co.

Last weekend I went with some friends on a day trip to New Ulm, Minnesota - on a pilgrimage (of sorts) to Schell's Brewing Co. I love brewery tours in general, but one of my driving motivators was, of course, the company's connection to Grain Belt and Nordeast.

Schells Peacocks

There were peacocks everywhere - and they were all super chill. Apparently life on a brewery is pretty low-stress for birds.

Schells Peacocks

At first I thought this one might be an albino female - but was informed by my birding friend that it is more likely "leucistic."

The tour starts at a museum detailing the history of the various brews as well as the Schell family.

Confession: I had never before tried FireBrick. But look how awesome it looks by actual firebricks!!!

Schells Firebrick

Minneapolis, MN

Nerding out just a little bit about anything that says "Minneapolis." It's a nice form of pride, it really is.


The tour itself is pretty short - but fun. We got to see their giant copper kettle - still in use for heating water. (Picture forthcoming. I'm in that one, but it's on my friend's camera so I don't have a copy yet. :) )

Schells Samples

The tour ends, as all awesome brewery tours do, with samples! Here you see: Stout, Nordeast, and Firebrick. (Which I know know, by the way, is great.)

Schells Group

Yay, our awesome group! Plus a headless lady in the back that tried to be photobomb.

Schell Feets

After the tour we walked around the gardens.

As we left, we saw something pretty interesting in the roof.



I have no idea how he got up there. I also have no idea how he eventually got down!

New Ulm

When we were done at the brewery, we went out to dinner at the Lamplighter. New Ulm is such a cute town! It reminds me a bit of Sleepy Hollow in New York.

We drove through town to go visit "Hermann the German."

New Ulm Sadness

However... sadness! The gates don't open until May, so we couldn't get in.

Hermann the German

Fortunately you can still see Hermann from outside, and get a great view of New Ulm:

New Ulm View

We had a great time. I've heard New Ulm is a blast for Oktoberfest. Might have to take another road trip...